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God Is With Me Poetry Book

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"God Is with Me" is the first publication of Poet and Artist Crystal Shaw.

The non-profit book is sold at the cost of production in hopes of solely sharing the light of God with readers by sharing the author's life story and testimony of God's presence in her life from birth until the present day.

The book comprises poetry, reflective thought, and spiritual life lessons culminating in the author's conclusion that God has been with her since birth.

Crystal shares vulnerable truths, thought-provoking scenarios, and poetic memoirs to guide the reader through her life experiences with God.

The author encourages readers to take the exact step-by-step reflective journey that led her to higher levels of freedom, healing, and spiritual growth by providing a paired journal with optional guided prompts and writing templates.

The author's only hope in producing the publication and coordinating the journal is that you, the reader, may come to know that God is too with you.


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(1) "God Is with Me" Reflection Journal (Matte Paperback)