Abode Home:Body Collection

This self-love themed collection is comprised of artwork, apparel and home good/stationery items made to help you affirm yourself in a simple message :

"Be comfortable in your skin because there is no place like home."

This is an original quote from Shaw's poem "In Your Skin".  In the quote, the word "home" serves as a double meaning for your "self" and your "space".

The collection is named Home: Body to suggest the parallels of a home and a body both being places your spirit dwells in. 

When you shop or gift from the Abode Home:Body collection you are sending a loving reminder to yourself and others  to be comfortable with who you are and with where you are.

The collection features cozy warm rich tones, striking line art, and uplifting messaging made to make any space feel like the sacred space of love and comfort it should be.

Curate your dream space when you select from the interchangeable art prints that will adorn your walls and transform any space into the home you have always wanted!