Your Purpose is NOT Your Position

Your Purpose is NOT Your Position

, a few years ago I was at my wits end with figuring out this "life" stuff... well the whole "Purpose" part of it.

I did all of the things we are told to do : Go to school, Get a great job, Attend church regularly... you name it ...I did it.

Yet and still, I was unhappy!

I was a Master Degree Holder, A Full time careered counselor in my 20s without children. On the outside, most people would think I had it made. BUT my reality was FAR from that. I was DOWN.. and full of anxiety from a toxic workplace to the point where I cried going to work at times. But to leave my job after working soooo hard and asking God for this "blessing" seemed like a slap in the face to Him so .. I didn't.

I kept a smile and grinded until it got unbearable, I mistook "grinding it out" for obedience when in reality I was being redirected. I hated going to work, and that was when I KNEW it was time for me to go. I prayed to God and He delivered me from that position. He gave me clarity on the assignment for my life that was far greater than ANY "career". He showed me that my life's purpose is to bring Him glory in ALL that I do. To use my gifts to show people where He is and how He loves them.

God showed me that my Purpose WAS NOT tied to my Position and the same is true for you.

The truth is, we all have the universal purpose : To Give God Glory How we do this, changes each day. Sometimes it's talking to the mailman on the brink of depression, other times it's noticing that your student needs a hug... it's doing exactly what God leads you to do how He tells you and when He tells you. It's simply daily obedience.

We all are called to show people the Love of God. And this is what I do now: I use my gifts and abilities to carry out daily tasks that God assigns for me to do. Like creating art with His messages at the foundation... or writing a book (spoiler alert).

Sorry, my story was much longer than I thought it would be lol, but I pray it brought you some encouragement and clarity.

always with love,


p.s. If this story resonated with you, so will the Nia artwork and apparel. I created her as a reminder to Live A Purposeful Life. She comes in 2 different art styles in the new "Faith. Purpose. Creativity" collection.



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