Meaningful Monday Message: You can do it! Don't Put off Until Tomorrow, What God has called you to Today!

Meaningful Monday Message: You can do it! Don't Put off Until Tomorrow, What God has called you to Today!

Hey World!

Here's a Meaningful Monday Message for the week:

                           Meaningful Monday Message: Do not put off until tomorrow, what god has called you to do today. Quote from Crystal Shaw

Do not put off until Tomorrow, what God has called you to do Today!

I know this is not always as easy as it sounds, but I promise you this:

  You can carry out God's plan for your life just 1 task at a time.

Here's a real life example of what this looks like: 

God gave me an assignment to write a book. At first, the idea overwhelmed and intimidated me because this is a task I have not ever done before and plus... WHAT? lol


But the truth is, when God gives you a task it is because of 2 things:

1. He Already knows you are equipped to complete it.

God made you. Which means He knows very well what you can do. He knows your current skills, strengths, and weaknesses but the awesome thing about God is, He is not limited by any of it. When He is with you, you can do anything.

When God gave me the task to complete the book, He knew I had doubts, He knew I tend to hold off on things that overwhelm me but He also knew I have a heart for helping, being obedient and I am a natural born writer and poet.

God knows the pros and cons of assigning you the task BEFORE He assigns it.

This means, whether or not You think you can carry out God's assignment for your life is NO LONGER up for debate. You can.

Still have doubt? Let's look at David and Goliath. 

Want to talk about a BIG task? (lol I had to) This man slayed a bronze armored GIANT in the name of the Lord. If you are like me you're thinking, Excuse me...but WHAT? lol

The thing is, David was not the muscular man of stone pictured in statues, he was the youngest of 8 siblings, had never been to battle before yet and still..he killed the giant that all the warriors were running from.

How? He believed God fo the victory! David did the task for God's namesake and he did not try to be like anyone else while doing it.

David didn't use armor because unlike his warrior brothers, he was not used to wearing armor. Honestly, he probably would've died if he pretended to be someone he wasn't (a regular warrior in armor).

David used the equipment he knew well (his slingshot) and recollection of the power of God delivering him from a bear and a lion! And that was all He needed to get the job done. 

The same goes for you.

You are already equipped. You have strengths, past experiences, and skillsets but most importantly you have the presence of God.

Just be your authentic self and remember that With God , You can do ALL things!

2. He gives you instructions to carry out the task to ensure your success.

For me, this meant He gave me images, titles, themes etc for this book. My responsibility was simple, follow the instructions : write and assemble.

  • God will give you the floor plan/blueprint or outline, but it is Your task to build the vision.

Don't believe me? Let's think back to Noah and the Ark.

God gave Noah specific instructions on how to get his assignment done. He specifically told Noah the timeline to build, materials to use, dimensions to cut and even the details of which animals to bring aboard.

Noah's assignment came with instructions just like mine.. and just like yours will.

Isn't God a kind boss? I'm not sure about you but in my experience, my human bosses did not come with this much instruction to make sure I'd be a success lol

Now, it's your turn! What has God placed on your heart to accomplish? Here are 3 simple steps to help you get it done:

1. Ask God for clarity

2. Write down God's instructions

3. Break down God's instructions into smaller tasks. Complete each task

Most importantly remember, God is With You.


Did you like the message? Let me know by commenting your thoughts and continuing the conversation when you share to social media.

always with love,



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