5/30/23 Meaningful Monday Message : God placed something GREAT in you!

5/30/23 Meaningful Monday Message : God placed something GREAT in you!

God placed something GREAT in you! 

There's a call on your life, but you're leaving God on hold for too long! 

Pick up the call. Have the uncomfortable conversation and GET TO WORK! We are waiting on the BIG REVEAL! 
 God placed something inside of YOU that someone else needs.
 Someone needs your expertise.
Someone needs you to pursue your dreams. 
Someone needs your example of Godly success! 
 They need you to do the BIG THING God has planned for you to do. 
 And I'm going to help you do that by sharing with you my "Secret" to Success
I'm going to let you in on my 2-Step Secret that I've been using since I was a little girl. 
This is how I became 8th Grade Valedictorian.  (I've been doing this for a long time now)
This secret is how I :
• Graduated with a 4.0 GPA M.S in School Counseling
• Landed my dream job
•Self-published my first book
• Launched this business (World of Shaw) 
and ultimately began to live out my childhood dreams! 
The secret is SIMPLE.  In short:
 First, I Prayed. Then, I Pursued. 
 This is the formula for Godly success: 
  Prayer + Pursuit + Perseverance = Godly Success 
 First, Pray for God's guidance on your life decisions.  Praying FIRST ensures you're headed in the right direction. Your prayer life is essential for ensuring favorable outcomes with pursuing anything you set out to do.
 Jeremiah 29:11 - God has the plan. Not you. Ask for the plan.
Then, follow through by pursuing His instructions . Pursuit is important because faith works when it is paired with action. Acting on God's instructions is what causes your faith in His plans to be perfected. Idle faith is no faith at all. In general, success is a result of repeated actions and continued belief in an appointed outcome.
   Recommended readings   : James 2: 14-26 , Ecclesiastes 11:4
Finally, no matter how difficult things get, don't give up because God will see you through. (Persevere).  Perseverance is important. This is the part where most people throw the towel in. This is where the LEVEL of your faith is tested. When things appear not to be working, when obstacles constantly pop up right before you, perseverance is what will help you to continue towards the victory of your vision.
Recommended readings for enduring when faith is tested:
      James 1:2-4 , Romans 12:12 , Proverbs 4:25-26, Luke 1:37
I know this sounds generic. It sounds too easy. But in actuality, it's the only thing that works and yields sustainable results.  
  There are no shortcuts or magic tricks here. Just obedience and hard work! I promise you if you follow those 2 steps, you will see results. 
 So, the next time you get an opportunity to show this world what God has placed inside of you :
 Don't shrink, Don't stutter, or stumble just show up Willing and Unwavering! Pray and Pursue!     
  You are successful because God says you are.
 You are capable because God calls you capable.
 Align with who God says you are and watch how confidently you begin to show up in this world!
 sending you all the love for your journey! 🫶🏾❤️
  P.S. I'm going to leave the link for you to learn about my new book "God Is With Me and So Is He With You" because it speaks on God's promising presence. If you need to be reminded of His light, it's a good read. 
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  Please note: "God Is With Me" is a not-for-profit book sold at the exact cost of production so my only goal in sharing this book with you is simply to help you on your journey. Order today, IF you feel led 🫶🏾❤️🙏🏽 
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