10/3 Meaningful Monday Message

10/3 Meaningful Monday Message


Hey World! This week's message is to Speak Goodness over yourself so you can build yourself up.

The mind is often referred to as a battlefield.

Scientists say we have thousands of thoughts per day.

Some scientists say you have 6,000 ... while others say you have 70,000 thoughts each day.

But, they all agree that 80% of our thoughts are Negative. 🥴

You might be thinking " No...not me, I'm a positive person".

You're right! I'm not here to debate you.

I don't think any scientist really knows the exact number of your thoughts. I just want you to see the bigger picture.

I believe as long as our flesh is shaped in sin, and as long as we have a Spirit sent from God... we will experience both negativity and positivity at some point in our lives.

Let's be honest... none of us are perfect.

But here is the GOOD NEWS!

You serve a God that is All good!

He gave you the power to challenge and change your thinking!

You have the power to think wellness and speak wellness.

How do I know? The bible.

  Here are 4 Tools to Help you Speak Goodness over your life!

                            1. Cast all your anxiety unto God.

When you have negative thoughts floating around in your head, you can send them right to God.

Don't look at me... He asked for them! lol

Here is how you can send God your anxiety:

Acknowledge the thought, actually tell God about it... then leave it with Him by reminding yourself that He is bigger than your worry.

He can take care of it.

                                 2. Think on Good things!

Did you know the bible instructs us on the things to think about?

When we take time to meditate on these kinds of things we feel calm, empowered, and at ease.

You can find good things to focus on in Philippians 4: 8 which says :

"Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable (of good report)—if anything is excellent (virtuous) or praiseworthythink about such things. "

So if you can cast your anxiety on God AND you can think on things that are good for you... you are capable of thinking goodness.

But Crystal... you told me to Speak Goodness over my life.. NOT Think Goodness? ..

I know. You're right again! 😆 ... but let's keep chatting.

The thing is, they each go hand and hand.

Once you think goodness...you start to speak goodness.

So now that we know how to address our thinking ... here's how we are going to challenge our speaking.

                                  3. Recognize Your power!

The bible says Life and Death is in the power of your tongue. ... yes, YOUR tongue.

It's time for you to be mindful of the power you possess.

What you say can kill or give life to a person (including yourself), idea, goal or dream.

Crystal be serious! How can I kill someone with my words?

Well, there once was a little girl with a quick comeback. She fought her wars with words and she always won. But the problem was, the people she fought believed in her words. They internalized them and became them.

While the little girl didn't know her power then, (she just wanted to protect herself) ... she grew up to realize the harm she had caused.

That little girl grew up and became ... Me.

I have seen what a words can do... both the good and the bad. Therefore, I choose to use my words for good.

The power of words lies in agreement. When you put negative words into the world or your mind... you leave a possibility for someone to agree with those words and live them out.

If the God of all goodness gave us such power ...we owe it to Him to use it for good.

The bible says we have a GOOD work to do.

So, lastly and very importantly in order to speak goodness:


                      4. Guard Your Heart & Watch Your Mouth

Jesus himself said " The mouth speaks what the heart if full of." (Luke 6:45 , Matthew 12:34)

and Proverbs 4:23 says

"Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it."

So in order you to be able to say good things, you must first have good things stored in your heart.

You can store true goodness in your heart by internalizing God's word.

Remember the story of the young girl who fought her wars with words?

She won the battles, but because her words came from a place of revenge... they caused harm.

God's words come from a place of love, so they build you up!

Guard your heart with God's word. The word of God is waaaay more powerful than some little girls words btw lol!

You can use God's words to transform, clean and protect your heart!


Read it , believe it and apply the lessons and instructions as you live each day.

 That's it. I gave you the tools. Now go and make use of them! lol

As you go into this week, you have new tools to make it meaningful.

Challenge and change your 'stinking thinking'

and Speak well over yourself and others!

always with love,



I know this week's message was long, but it was important for me to break it all down for you!

I want to help you build yourself up and that process starts in the mind, mouth, spirit and heart.

So as you go into this week, make it meaningful.

Challenge and change your 'stinking thinking'

and Speak well over yourself and others!

always with love,


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