1/23 Meaningful Monday

1/23 Meaningful Monday



Happy Meaningful Monday World! & Happy New Year!

As we go into this new year, I have to ask you this: 

You are worthy of living a meaningful and fruitful life... but do you believe you are worthy of a good life?

I am asking this question because, in order to live your live with meaning,  you must first believe that you are worthy of a meaningful life.

As we go through life, we have to check our mindsets and correct our perspectives because our life experiences are always blurring our view of ourselves and how we view life as a whole. 

When this happens, somewhere along the line we began to live a life that is less than the planned life God has for us. We start to accept less and think small... but not this year!

YOU are going into 2023 with a NEW perspective! 

It's time to sharpen your view so you can see yourself the way God sees you and live a more meaningful life. 

As you go through life, situations happen that put you in a places of doubt.  You've questioned and second guessed jobs, love life, career moves , health and more. Circumstances occurred that impacted your beliefs about who you are and what you deserve.

Some of you even settles for less.... but again I'm saying...Not this year!

This year, you will remember and operate in your worth!

So, let me remind you of YOUR worth.

Let me remind you that your worth does not decrease because of a mistake or wrong choice you have made.

In fact, the ultimate price that could have ever been paid for your life was paid knowing that you would do some less than worthy kind of things.

• Jesus's death, makes you worthy.

He knew you would make poor decisons and mistakes BEFORE He gave up His life to save you.

• God's renewed grace and mercy makes you worthy.

His grace is sufficient for any shortcoming you may have. And His grace and mercy is extended to you each day.

• God's connection to you makes you worthy
He says you are Chosen, A Royal Priesthood. and His Special Possession... 1 Peter 2:9

Can you beleive He thought about making... a YOU! 🙏🏽

THIS, and so much more makes you WORTHY.

Time and time again the scriptures remind us of the truth of our worth!

So I ask you today, 

Do you truly identify with who God says your are? Or are you living life with a blurred perspective of your worth and identity?

What good is it to be born Kings and Queens yet live life as if you are not of Royal BLOOD? ... Why accept less and think of yourself as less than your BIRTHRIGHT?  

Do you truly operate like you know your worth?

Jesus found YOU to die for!!! God found you worthy of His son's LIFE!

As you move through this week and the year ahead,  I  want you to open yourself up to the abundance that ties to being of a Holy Nation.

I want you not to be surprised when blessings present themselves to you this year.

I want you to stop taking matters into your own hands and instead surrender your issues and circumstances to God with a knowing that He is willing to handle them for you, afterall you are His child.

I want you to see yourself the way God sees you!

He calls you beautiful, not because of what you look like ... but beacause of what HE is like and you were created in His image. Genesis 1:27

As you walk BOLDLY through this week and the year ahead (as you should), be encouraged that you are Triumphant no matter what lies ahead, that you are Loved and you are Deserving of the opportunites that are aligning with God's purpose for your Life.

You are worthy of all the good that are coming to you this year... not because I said so, but because God chose you. 

Accept God's blessings with an open mind and heart as you align with the truth of who you are, a Child of God... ROYALTY. 

Happy New Year! May the Blessings and Corrections of God be upon you! 


Always with Love, 


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